More than a House on more than an Island

We settled on Stewart Island after many travels to European and various Pacific destinations.


To settle was less a result of a decision, but more of a process:

  • You look for a place where you feel good, where the experience is intensive and your neighbours/community are friendly and welcoming.
  • A place where each day becomes an adventure and exploration of something new, where you feel warm and protected from the weather, where you have privacy and creature comforts…

Usually you go somewhere else for work and income, but your home is a retreat needed for recharging, but not a place where life and work, inside and outside, relaxation and stress are intermingled.


The house we live in on and off for more than three decades has changed as has our life:

from a weekend holiday crib to a full blown place with private- and guest-wing, 
from a place we build up to a place we sometimes struggle to maintain.


First were the weka, the little blue eyed penguins, the white tail deer and the fantails.Now it is the kakas, the wild Stewart Island kiwi and still little blue eyed penguins as well as the deer…

You might discover a lot of things in the house as well as outside which you have never seen before and didn’t expect. This is a good motto for your visit:

Expect the unexpected !


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The two guest-rooms are in the guest-wing on the south-western side of the house:


Downstairs ‘firmly grounded’ was our first original guest-room direct beside the entrance to the house, sharing our entrance porch. It has a double bed and sofa plus an en-suite bathroom with shower and hosts a bit of a library, especially cook-books and thrillers… The porch is a favourite of our semi-resident kakas, which also come into the room and raid it for food-items if they can…


Upstairs ‘above all’ is an additional guest-room inspired by over-seas hotel experiences, if it comes to the granite in the bathroom or the extending rails in the closet. It has a self-designed four poster bed plus a sofa and a small balcony with fantastic vistas over garden&sea.

The breakfast is served in the conservatory and is the foundation of a good day.

Sometimes we cook with our guests if we are not too busy otherwise, but sometimes we have to remind our guests that we are not providing self-contained accommodation with kitchen-facilities, but a traditional B&B, i.e. Bed&Breakfast.


Jensen Bay House

54 Leask Bay Road,

Rakiura /Stewart Island

New Zealand

Phone+64 (0) 3 219 1284
Mobile+64 (0)27 496 7778